Brahmatal Trek

₹ 7999/person | 6D - 5N | Rishikesh to Rishikesh

Bhramatal Trek

6D - 5N | Rishikesh to Rishikesh

₹ 7999/pp

➩ Description

The Himalayan meadows conceal Brahmatal, a heavenly lake 3444 metres above sea level. Brahmatal’s top is 3718 metres high. Lord Brahma has regarded Brahmatal his sanctuary for meditation from the beginning of time. Brahmatal verifies the shape of Brahmkamal, the primal flower in Uttarakhand’s Himalayan area. Chamoli Garhwal is home to Brahmatal. From October through March, Brahmatal Lake is entirely frozen. The paths to Brahmatal are all covered with snow. Brahmatal’s peak crown is snowcapped. Trekkers will have little trouble reaching the snow-covered top of Brahmatal. Along the hike path, you will see a variety of wildlife, including Barasingha and Himalayan foxes, White beer, Himalayan wild goat (Black & White), Ibex/Thar, and Himalayan wild goat (Black, & White), Ibex/Thar, which licks the mountain slopes to distribute medicinal juice of Shilajeet, Katukki… Monal, an effervescent bird in Uttarakhand with rainbow-colored feathers, invites you to the highlands. The Brahmatal, which is thickly forested with Deodar, Rododendron and Thuner (Taxus Baccata), Khorsu, and other plants, guarantees that there is always ample oxygen. The monsoon season is ideal for strolling through this lush-green valley. At this time of year, animals go to the plateau to feed onthe Himalayan wet grassland.

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➩ Itinerary

Distance: 250Kms

Time: 11-12hrs

Rishikesh is the starting point of the adventure. You will be picked up by our transport manager at the ISBT in Rishikesh at 6:15 in the morning, and from there you will be driven to Lohajung, which is the settlement that serves as the starting point for our climb. About 250 kilometres separate Lohajung, which is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, from Rishikesh, the state capital of Uttarakhand. The journey there will take you between 10 and 11 hours to complete. Trekup India can arrange for Bolero, Tata Sumo, or travller vehicles to transport passengers to Lohajung. At the time of your arrival in Lohajung, you will be assigned a room in the guesthouse. You will travel through mountain roads as you make your way from Rishikesh. If the weather is fine, you may be able to get a glimpse of the Garhwal Himalayas in the distance. The River Ganga will be there to keep you company while you take in the serene scenery. While travelling around the country, you will come upon the three most important holy confluences in the nation, which are known as Devprayag, Rudraprayag, and Karanprayag. In the vicinity of Devprayag is where the Alakananda River meets the Bhagirathi River for the first time. It is feasible to make out the different shades of teal and turquoise that are produced when two rivers meet to form a larger river. As you go through Srinagar and come across Rudraprayag, which is the location of confluence of the Mandakini River and the Alakananda River, and as you travel around 33 kilometres away from Rudraprayag, you will come across the third confluence you will experience on the route: Karanprayag The point at which the Mandakini River and the Pindar River come together. The majestic Nanda Ghunti mountain is brought into striking proximity as you go up Lohajung. If we are able to reach the summit before nightfall, you will have the opportunity to see breathtaking sunsets over the mountain's summit, which will paint it with breathtaking hues. The origin of the name of the settlement is the subject of an interesting local legend. The villagers have a legend that the Hindu goddess Parvati fought the demon Lohasur, who gave the place its name, in a "jung," which literally translates to "war" in Hindi. There is a small market in the town of Lohajung, and it is here that you will be able to buy camping equipment and several other necessities that will be of use to you on your adventure. Because Lohajung is a town located at the peak of the mountain, you should prepare for the climate to be brisk, especially during the evening hours. Depending on the season, there is also a chance that it may be cloudy and wet. Bring clothing that will enable you to acclimatise to the varying temperatures throughout the day.


Distance: 6Kms trek

Time: 5 hours approx

Today is the first day of the hike, and after arriving at Lohajung to catch the bus, we will immediately go to the Bekaltal campground. Following a delectable breakfast, we'll start our journey by travelling in the direction of Bekalatal. Along the way, you'll be treated to views of Mount Nanda Ghunti that are just stunning. After four to five hours of hiking through a coniferous forest that is mostly made up of oak and fir trees, the route arrives at the Bekalatal Campsite. Spend the night at the Bekalatal Campsite in a tent that sleeps two people at a time. The path leading to the Bekaltal campground is about six kilometres long and has a gentle ascent. The routes are well marked, and after a short stroll along the course, one will arrive in Mandoli, which is the first mountain village. Mandoli. As you continue to travel down the route, the Mandoli settlement will appear on your left. The route continues to gradually ascend as it makes its way across the various mountain ranges, winding about and bending as it goes. It is possible to visit a region that is known as the Kali Valley, which is located at the point where the Kali and Pindari Rivers meet. After finishing Mundoli, it is recommended that you take a trip through several densely forested regions that have oak, fir, and cedar trees in addition to a certain amount of rhododendron plants. The aroma of freshly cut wood is one of the most recognisable features of a forest. You can observe the blossoms of the Rhodendron flowering and bringing a blush to the lovely mountains throughout the spring and the late winter months. The path is completely hidden by snow the whole time winter is in effect. After travelling for two hours, you will come to the next site of interest, which is a wooden bridge that is around 10 metres in length and spans a creek. At this particular water supply, there is the possibility of water rationing. After making your way over the bridge, you will find yourself in Begum, a serene and picture-perfect place to take a break. The Nanda Ghunti is the most prominent skyline in the region, and tourists may enjoy beautiful views of Navali and Bagdi Bugyal as well as stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains from this particular location. The destination of Gujreni may be reached by continuing to walk for another twenty minutes; on route, you will pass by two streams in the neighbourhood. There are also some hikers who decide to stop at Gujreni, but the most of us are going to go on to Bekaltal and set up tent there. It is possible to see Himalayan bird species in Gujarati, such as the Asian Barred Owlet, Woodpeckers, Solitary Snipe, and Blue-fronted redstarts, if you go bird watching in this area. Gujarati is a good place for bird viewing. You have reached the last section of the walk for the day. Bekaltal has a sandy beach that can be reached after about an hour and a half of walking in the direction of the village. Our campground is located about fifteen minutes away from the lake. After you have set up your tents, you may take some time to relax and then go to the lake later in the day. Bekaltal Lake, so named for its stunning location in the middle of an oak grove, An enthralling experience awaits you at the end of the hike in the form of the lake's placid waters.

The lake is situated in the middle of a thick grove of oak trees, and during the course of the year, the water in the lake retains its dark brown colour. The huge amount of organic debris that is breaking down into the oceans is the primary cause of the unique brown hue that can be seen in the lakes. The presence of organic stuff alters the colour of the water and imparts a tinge of brown to it. When the temperature drops, there is a possibility that the water may get covered in a thin coating of ice. After seeing the breathtaking sunset from Bekaltal, you should go back to your campsite to enjoy the delectable food that has been prepared for you, and then you should retire to the comfort of your camping tent to get some rest.


Distance: 7Kms

Time: 7hrs approx

Utilize the snowy pathways to your advantage as you make your way to Brahmatal. The trek is around a four-hour endeavour in duration. The path winds through the forest, and once you reach the peak of Telindi, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the Himalayas. You will reach Brahmatal and Khabekhal Lake if you stay on this trail and travel till you get there. Tents will be provided for you to sleep in tonight.


Distance: 12Kms

Time: 9hrs approx

Following breakfast, you will have time to get ready for the ascent to the summit of Brahmatal. Make your journey over Chota Jhandidar and Bada Jhandidar on one of the dangerous trails. This trail is surrounded on all sides by a mountain ridge and has valleys on either end. It takes about two and a half hours to get to Brahmatal Top. Take some time to appreciate the magnificent sights of the Himalayan Ranges while you're on this trip. From Nandhaghunti, you can get breathtaking views of Mount Trishul, which is not very far away. You'll be able to take in breathtaking panoramas of the snow-capped Himalayan Ranges once you reach the summit. Keep going until you reach the next camping spot in Daldum; the entire journey should take no more than three hours to finish. After completing this hike, you will have travelled a total distance of 2.7 kilometres. On these hiking trails, the forests will also serve as your travelling companions.


Distance: 4Kms

Time: 5hrs approx

To get to Lohajung from Daldum, take the left fork in the road. It is a short hike of approximately 4 kilometres that will take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to complete. The ascent to Lohajung takes a well-marked path that passes over a few streams and continues on through the oak and rhododendron covered forest that you passed through earlier. This is the same trail that you encountered for the first time. As you make your way through the forest, you will eventually come across the shepherd's huts that the locals use to house their livestock. From this point forward, follow the road that is paved with stone. It establishes a connection between the communities in the mountains and Lohajung. After arriving in Lohajung, you will have the option of freshening up in the guesthouse and then spending the later part of the evening exploring the surrounding town. As was stated earlier, the sunsets that can be seen from Lohajung are absolutely breathtaking. This location offers a breathtaking view of the sunset. In the event that you would want to acquire mementos from the expedition, you may do so in the market in the town. The guesthouse provides guests with the most delectable lunch of the day. The following day, once you've had a restful sleep, we'll get in the car and go back to Rishikesh.


Distance: 250Kms

Time: 11-12hrs

As we draw to a close on this incredible trip, we will bring you to Rishikesh today to celebrate the occasion. Following the conclusion of your last morning tea and breakfast with the crew, we will go in the direction of Rishikesh. The distance between Rishikesh and Lohajung is 210 kilometres, and it will take around 10 hours to go back. At around 7:00 o'clock in the evening, it is anticipated to arrive at Rishikesh. It is possible that the amount of time required to reach Rishikesh may change depending on the route and traffic conditions. On the way to Rishikesh, we will travel along these similar paths.


➩ Inclusion

  • 6 days premium trek
  • Double sharing basis of tents through the trek.
  • Dehradun to Lohajung & Return Transport in Tempo/Bolero/Sumo Vehicle
  • All meals – vegetarian
  • Campfire at Camps (If Available)

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➩ Exclusion

  • Pickup from your place
  • Luggage carries charges
  • Food during travel
  • Any kind of personal expenses


➩ Fitness

As you climb to higher altitudes, the air grows thinner and less oxygen is present. The amount of oxygen in our blood is equivalent to the proportion of haemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen. At altitudes above around 2,100 metres (7,000 feet), the amount of oxygen carried by our blood starts to decrease. At the same time, the human body possesses both immediate and long-term adaptations to altitude that help it somewhat compensate for the shortage of oxygen.

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➩ Safety

Points to remember for safety in the trek:

  • It is essential that you arrive at the starting point of any hike or excursion in the best possible physical condition and readiness.
  • The hike is not tough; in fact, if you can keep both your feet and your mind calm and strong during the journey, you will discover that the hike is rather simple.

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➩ How to Reach

Directions to go to Rishikesh:

  • By Air: Jolly Grant Airport is the domestic airport that serves Dehradun, and it receives frequent flights from the main metropolises located across India. From Dehradun, you can take a taxi or bus to Rishikesh for 1-2 hours approx drive.
  • Traveling by Train: The Dehradun junction is the closest railway station, and it has excellent connections to major cities located around India. From Dehradun, you can take a taxi or bus to Rishikesh for 1-2 hours approx drive.
  • By Road: The road network in and around Rishikesh is extensive and convenient. To get to Rishikesh from Delhi or any of the other surrounding cities, you have the option of either driving there yourself or hiring a cab or taxi. In addition, there is a consistent bus service between Dehradun and the surrounding areas because to the extensive road network.

➩ FAQ's

The walk across Brahmatal is not very difficult. Yet since there is so much snow on the route during the winter, the difficulty level is about the same as normal. During the months of December and January, the temperature averages anywhere between -12 and -10 degrees Celsius. Hence, the low temperature makes it more of a manageable experience for first-timers.

The Brahmatal trip and the Kedarkantha trek are both really attractive hikes to do in Nepal. Although the Brahmatal Trek is best experienced in the winter months, the Kedarkantha Trek may be done at any time of year (except monsoon).

The Brahmatal trek is considered a straightforward trip since it is located in close proximity to Lohajung, which serves as the base camp for the Brahmatal excursion, and because network connection is spotty along the journey. While going on a walk, it is highly recommended that you go with a reputable trekking organisation or a guide that is trained to handle unexpected situations.

It is recommended to complete the Brahmatal Trek between the months of October and March.

The Brahmatal Trek is, in fact, an excellent choice for novice hikers. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest that you bring the necessary equipment for the hike and that you begin engaging in fundamental strength training at least four to eight weeks before the hike.

Beginning the Brahmatal Trek with a brisk walk for one hour each day and progressively increasing the amount of time should be sufficient. Improving your body may be accomplished with activities as simple as jogging and doing aerobic workouts. Include some workouts using bodyweight and modest weights in your routine. If you stick to this routine for a period of one to two months, you'll find that it becomes much easier for you to go long distances while you're out hiking.

On the Brahmatal Trek, one has unobstructed views of the wall that surrounds the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. Nanda Ghunti (6,390m), Bethartoli Himal (6,352m), Bethartoli South (6,318m), and Trishul (6,318m) are some of the mountains that you will be in close proximity to (7,120m).

The meadows are a vibrant shade of green, and as the clouds move in and out, one might sometimes get a glimpse of Nanda Ghunti and Trishul playing hide and seek. The months of April and May are ideal for hiking the Brahmatal Trail.

The first snowfall of the season often occurs around December at Brahmatal, and the snow can be seen on the mountain's slopes all the way until the end of March.

The region of Uttarakhand known as Chamoli is where this walk will take place. The location of the base camp is Lohajung. Rishikesh will serve as the starting and ending location for this particular journey. To get to Dehradun, you may either fly or take a train. The road trip to Rishikesh from Dehradun is just 44 kilometres long and takes very little time.

The Brahmatal walk must be completed over the course of eight days.

You may, but there will be a surcharge for the privilege of staying in a room all to yourself. You may personalise your route at your pleasure. If you are a lone traveller planning to hike and are interested in staying in a single room, you may let us know at the time of booking, and we will provide you with the updated price based on the accommodations you have chosen.

After you have registered for the hike, we will send you an email with a thorough checklist of all the important goods and pieces of equipment that you will need to bring along with you on the hike. In the event that you need assistance while shopping for the walk or gaining a knowledge of what items are necessary to purchase, our staff will be pleased to assist you.

The closest train stations to the Brahmatal Trail are located in Kathgodam and Dehradun respectively.

The Brahmatal Trek may be reached from Jolly Grant airport, which is the closest airport.

Many nights spent at hotels in both Rishikesh and Lohajung. Bekaltal and Brahmatal both have campgrounds accessible for overnight camping.

Up till Lohajung, customers of Vodafone, Idea, B.S.N.L., and Airtel may take use of their networks' high levels of connection. After then, the cellular network will either be severely degraded or completely non-existent.

The hotel rooms in Rishikesh and Lohajung will each come equipped with a fully functional toilet. On the other days, there will be bio-toilets put up around the perimeter of each campground. A bio-toilet often features a hole in the ground where one may relieve themselves when nature calls.

Rishikesh will be the location of the very last ATM that is open for business. Following that point, there will no longer be any ATMs accessible. Not even in Lohajung.

➩ Note

In the normal course of things, IndianTreks anticipates that you will be the one to carry your own personal gear; but, if you want to unload your backpack, you may give it to the mule.

Charge of offloading Backpack 

  1. 2000 INR (Indian Rupees), provided that the payment is made online ten days in advance
  2. INR 2500/- If you inform us after reaching Lohajung.
  3. There is a need for a waterproof cover on the backpack; luggage and stroller bags are not permitted.

Special offers 

  1. You just need to make one payment, and you may go on the tour as many times as you want.
  2. If you schedule a trek with Indiantreks and are unable to finish that trek, or if you have successfully completed that journey and wish to do it again, you are free to repeat that trek an unlimited number of times without incurring any additional fees for doing so.

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➩Trek Departure

Distance: 198Kms | Time: 7-8 hours drive

At seven in the morning, hikers will be collected either from the Dehradun train station or at Petal Nager. It is going to be a lengthy journey, but the whole way is going to give magnificent scenic views, which will make you feel anxious to go to the spot where you will go hiking. You will have a lot of fun and also pass through Govind National Park before you get to Sankri, which is located 22 kilometres away. We will arrive at Sankri about 5:00 in the evening, and after we are settled in, you will have the opportunity to visit the Sankri sour hamlet before retiring for the night in a homestay located in Sankri.

➩ Things to carry


  • 50–60 ltrs backpack
  • Strong hiking boots: a leather upper is best because it gives your ankles more support. If you don’t have a pair yet, you should get one as soon as possible and wear it a lot so that it breaks in well. This will help keep blisters from forming.
  • Tennis shoes or sandals that are light enough to wear in camp

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➩ Why choose us for Brahmatal Trek

We think that going on outdoor excursions in small groups is the greatest approach to fully appreciate what the landscape has to offer. We don’t leave our urban homes to visit some distant fish monger.

We use a concept called fixed departures to keep the cost of your adventure vacation down. We guarantees all of its clients a departure date regardless of weather or other unforeseen circumstances (known as “Force Majeure”).

We provide very comfortable stay throughout the trek. Proper and good quality tents and sleeping bags are provided with double and triple sharing basis. Tents and sleeping bags are always neat and clean to use.

As a company, Indiantreks is committed to helping people rediscover their personal and spiritual connections to the natural world by encouraging them to put down their phones and other modern gadgets. Connecting with oneself and one’s environment is possible only when one leaves behind all of their cares, concerns, and possessions.

These unspoiled natural settings should remain untouched for future hikers. Leave no trace is our policy to guarantee this (LNT). We take special care to eliminate any traces of our camping activities by properly disposing of waste at each campground. This is one of Indiantreks’ fundamental beliefs.

Indiantreks has taken the Eco-Tourism Pledge, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable practises in all of our operations.

We are firm believers in eco-friendly vacations. As a rule, we prefer to work in remote rural locations where infrastructure has not yet been significantly established. Our mission is to help the residents of these rural areas get the confidence and resources they need to feel like they have a stake

Indian Trek’s team are highly dedicated in safety but as well as giving proper hygenic food throughout the trek. They will not take anything lightly when it comes to good food. Proper washable utensils are using everytime and serving area will also be neat and clean.

➩ Moments of Trek

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➩ Trekker Stories And Experiences With Indiantreks

It was a wonderful adventure, and Indian Treks offered excellent service. The staff members had a wealth of expertise and understanding, such as how to manage large groups and ensure the safety of individual trekkers.

Gauri Walanju

The organisation for the hike was excellent. Indian Treks is very adaptable, which is a huge asset in the event that our travel plans need to be altered. The most memorable experience for me was getting endless hot gulab jamun.

Akshar Raval

Our wonderful trek guide, together with Sir Vijay Rana and Sir Vivek Rana, as well as the rest of the wonderful staff, made our walk a wonderful experience and easy throughout the trek. Everything went smoothly Thank you very much.

RJ Rajesh

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